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Gold Coast Local Guides

Check out all the fun things to see and do in the Gold Coast by browsing through our list of attractions and activities.

From the best cafes and restaurants, to the best free things to do in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs there is plenty to discover in Melbourne.

Gold Coast Guides – Local Travel Tips & Advice for Visitors & Tourists

Melbourne is such an interesting place with hidden alleyways, beautiful parklands, wide rivers and skyscrapers. Form the best activities for kids, to how to spend the most romantic night in Melbourne, we have compiled some handy lists to get your mind flowing with ideas.

Melbourne is home to some of the best bars and restaurants, so if you are looking to find the best secret hotspot, or just try Melbourne’s best cocktail, you’ve come to the right place.

View Melbourne from all angles as you read through our handy list of attractions and discover something off the beaten track. Click the links below.

Palm Beach

5 Carry On Must-Haves When Visiting The Gold Coast

Heading towards the Gold Coast for that much-awaited and well-deserved vacation? You’re in for a lot of fun and excitement under the sun, with all the breath-taking spots and fun-filled adventures while you’re there...

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