Australian University Games

Australian University Games

The Gold Coast is one of the hosts of the popular Australian University Games. The Australian University Games was first held in Brisbane in 1993; with the Australian University Games moving locations around Australia every year.

With a number of individual and team sports, this is a major event of the region, with a large number of teams taking part from various universities all around Australia.

Australian University Games 2018 Dates & Program Schedule, Gold Coast

The event is both run and managed by Australian University Sports, with over 8,000 participants from various colleges and universities enrolling to take part in this prestigious event every year.

The games offer a competitive yet friendly environment for all contenders to test their skills against each other. It is also considered as one the flagship events for colleges and universities in Australia.

Some of the events included in the Games include; Athletics, AFL, Badminton, Golf, Volleyball, Hockey, Cycling, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis and Cricket. There are over 30 different sports that form part of the competition of the Australian University Games.

As a renowned sporting event with Olympics standards, this event offers the perfect opportunity for all new university-level athletes. Whether or not you are competing, you’ll enjoy this amazing event, boasting a number of group and individual sports.


24 September 2018

Event Times

Per official schedule


Various Locations


Venues all around the Gold Coast
Gold Coast, QLD

Contact Details

(07) 3876 2610
[email protected]


Dependent on event

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