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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery is an internationally renowned distillery and an esteemed liquor brand within Australia. You will find many varieties of wine, liqueurs, schnapps and spirits sold here in beautifully presented bottles.

The distillery also offers a peaceful environment for visitors to relax with the adjacent gorgeous hinterland nearby.

Tamborine Mountain Distillery Tours & Map, Gold Coast

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery produces its own tropical wine making fruits because of its rich red volcanic soils, tropical weather and fresh spring water. It then uses these fruits for fermenting in order to produce wine and other liquor. This distillery still uses the traditional small pot maturating method to bring that authentic flavour and the essence in wine and alcohol.

With the incredible range of fruits grown in the hinterland region, this distillery has the best resources at its doorstep in order to make some of the finest wines and alcohols in Australia. The distillery also receives a diverse range of fruit varieties from other growers in nearby areas, including the Sunshine Coast, helping to produce the smoothest and finest fruit brandy, gins and vodkas in Australia.

While keeping the authenticity in taste and flavour, this distillery also uses modern technologies to produce a variety of liqueurs and schnapps.

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery has become popular with travellers from all over the world and is popular in countries across Europe, America, Canada and Asia. Many visitors to the Gold Coast come to the Tamborine Mountain Distillery to try the variety of liquors and often to purchase a souvenir or gift to take home.

87-91 Beacon Road
North Tamborine, QLD

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 10am to 3pm
Sundays: Closed

Phone Number
(07) 5545 3452

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