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RaceCentre is an advanced car racing simulation that is one of the best in Australia. Located on the sunny Gold Coast, RaceCentre is a fun, exhilarating activity you can enjoy during your stay.

Conveniently located between the Gold Coast Highway and Surfers Paradise Boulevard, it is within walking distance to most of the attractions and accommodation locations in Surfers Paradise.

RaceCentre F1 Race Simulator Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The RaceCentre is a great attraction where you can come with your friends and family and have fun while you compete against each other in a simulated race car. The best part of all is that you get all the thrills without the risk.

When you arrive at the centre, you will be given a lesson on how to operate one of the 8 racing simulators. It is recommended that beginners have a 1-hour session so that you can have a proper understanding of how to use the simulator and make good use of your race time.

You can then select which track you would like to race on and your car of choice (eg: V8 Racing Car Simulator, F1 Racing Car Simulator, Rally Racing Car Simulator, etc). The race controllers will then ascertain your level of ability so that they can modify the simulator’s settings to make the best of your session.

After this, you will have a practice run where you get to test out the simulator before you participate in a qualifying round. Then you will have a final race where you can test all of the skills you have learnt during the day. The length of the races depends on your session time; either 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 laps.

RaceCentre is also great for Corporate and team building events, so contact them in advance and they will be able to create a package suitable for your group.

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Strike Bowling Bar
Circle on Cavill
9 Ferny Ave
Surfers Paradise, QLD

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat - Sun: 10am to 8pm

Phone Number
(07) 5538 8008

Email Address

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What is the RaceCentre address?
Strike Bowling Bar
Circle on Cavill
9 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Please visit our website for more information on the RaceCentre.
What are the RaceCentre opening hours?
Mon - Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat - Sun: 10am to 8pm

Please visit our website for more information on the RaceCentre.
How much are the RaceCentre tickets?
What is the RaceCentre phone number?
What is the RaceCentre email address?

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