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Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is a must-see destination – a natural treasure and world heritage site and one of Australia’s largest preserves that houses the largest area of pristine sub-tropical forest.

With over 900 vascular plant and 120 wild bird species, this nature preserve is one of the most remarkable areas of the Gold Coast area.

Lamington National Park Camping, Walks & Accommodation

Whilst boasting a natural habitat for many birds and animal species, Lamington National Park also offers various activities for all to enjoy. People head here to catch a glimpse of lyrebirds and satin bowerbirds, along with various reptiles, amphibians, mammals and marsupials.

The park also offers a number of well-maintained walking trails. Visitors can take a walk along the popular trails and experience the beautiful streams, crystal-clear waterfalls, palm trees and Antarctic Beech trees. The park is also a great place for those looking for a tranquil area for a day tour, picnic, a simple walk – or even overnight camping.

Day-trippers will be happy to know that the area is located within 90 minutes of Brisbane and 60 minutes from the Gold Coast CBD. As the area is easily accessible from all parts of Surfers Paradise, a number of backpackers come here for a quick day tour.

With such a diverse range of natural attractions, this park truly showcases the remarkable natural life of Australia. Whether it is the native plant species or the expansive animal and bird populations, the park has it all. Stretched over 20,500 hectares, this park offers a gorgeous natural setting with a diverse array of activities.

Lamington National Park Rd
Binna Burra, QLD

Opening Hours
The Lamington National Park is open 24 hours a day. The park’s two information centres are opened during the weekends pending availability of volunteers.

The Green Mountains park office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 3.30pm (park duties permitting). The information centre is opened during the weekends pending availability of volunteers.

The Binna Burra park office is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4pm (park duties permitting).

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