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MT Brewery
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MT Brewery

The MT Brewery is located on Mount Tamborine, in the picturesque Gold Coast hinterland.

The MT Brewery is renowned for its award-winning beers which are produced by using the best ingredients, traditional brewing methods, proper maturation and minimal intervention.

MT Brewery Address & Beer Map Mt Tamborine, Qld

The best way to experience MT Brewery is to come up for a tasting and enjoy some food from the bar menu as you sample their range of award-winning beers. You will be able to speak to the brewers and receive advice on which beers go best with which foods, as the brewers are very passionate about producing high-quality Australian beer.

The MT Brewery is located in a beautiful setting with a modern restaurant, beer garden and a stage for live music. Many people come and spend the afternoon in the open air beer garden which has stunning views of Mt Tamborine as they enjoy sipping beers with friends and enjoying a bit of live music on the weekends.

With its open and easy atmosphere and stunning views of Mt Tamborine, the Mt Brewery is the perfect place for relaxing and catching up with friends and family.

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165-168 Long Road
Mount Tamborine, QLD

Opening Hours
Open daily 10am-5pm

Phone Number
(07) 5545 2032

Email Address

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