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Gold Coast Yacht Charter

Sailing Charters

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Sailing charters are one of the best ways to explore the beautiful coastline of the Gold Coast and its many attractions. Gold Coast yacht charters include a number of small to medium luxury cruises that are organised based on your preferences.

As a coastal city, cruise activities are a popular activity enjoyed by visitors and locals in the Gold Coast. Those looking for a yacht charter can browse through the variety of tours on offer below and book a tour that best suits your needs.

Gold Coast Sailing Charters, Yacht & Boat Tours

Your adventure will be amazing; enjoy the fresh oceanic breezes, the sunny climate and the gorgeous views of the beaches and hinterland from aboard your boat.

If you’re an enthusiastic snorkeller, then you might even be able to take a dive at some of the diving sites across the crystal-clear waters of the Gold Coast.

Experience sunbathing from the deck, enjoy a drink while watching the rolling blue ocean and have an on-board picnic. Check out the charters available below and go on an adventurous voyage around the Gold Coast.

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